2020 Booster Board Members

President Kayce Daniels 805-404-4931

Vice President& Uniform Coordinator Kyle Weber 805-210-0255

Treasurer Ryan Richmond 805-742-6908

Secretary Donna Rauch 805-479-3108

Travel+Transportation Paul Rauch 805-479-3093

Documents Coordinator Natalie Richmond 805-742-6905

Hospitality Janet Lee 805-551-7209

Volunteer Coordinator   Sarah Fitzgerald 818-517-2794

The purpose of the booster club is to support the coaches and athletes of the cross country team.  We provide financial support, event, and meet support.  Sources of our financial support come from fundraising and from donations paid for the summer running program and the fall season.  Parents of athletes on the cross country team are members of the booster club.  We have many parents help at the summer program events. We look forward to continued parent involvement with the team during the 2020 season.

Annual Budget

The Annual Budget is available for review by parents.
If you are interested please contact Kayce Daniels at