2018 Booster Board Members:

Kayce Daniels President
Donna Rauch VP Communication
Katlen Ebert VP Travel
Todd Bersley Secretary
John Longo Treasurer
Kayce Daniels Uniform Coordinator
Natalie Richmond Paperwork Coordinator
Michelle Burr Hospitality
Michele Darden Escript/Eat Out Nights
Sheri Cereghino Volunteer Coordinator
John Longo Oaks Mile

The purpose of the booster club is to support the coaches and athletes of the cross country team.  We provide financial support, event, and meet support.  Sources of our financial support come from fundraising and from donations paid for the summer running program and the fall season.  Parents of athletes on the cross country team are members of the booster club.  We have many parents help at the summer program events. We look forward to continued parent involvement with the team during the 2018 season.