Woodbridge Line UP

Woodbridge Line UP : 9.15.18 – Woodbridge

Varsity Girls Varsity Boys Sweepstakes Boys
Race: 7:42 PM Race: 8:30 PM Race: 9:54 PM
W/U: 6:52 PM W/U: 7:40 PM W/U: 9:04 PM
Angela Voelker Aaron Okayama Eric Longo
Emily Richmond Atticus Hall Ethan Bersley
Kiara Benioff Bryce Whitworth Jay Lesny
Mackenzie Kelley Ethan Darden Michael Mireles
Marina Zernik Ethan Donate Michael Cooper
Samhal Asfaw Nathan Garderes Mitchell Burr
Tallula Auman Shane Hanrahan Vianey Ellison

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