TOXC Paperwork Needed

You will need to complete THREE things: 
  1. Cross country paperwork
  2. Athletic clearance forms for the school
  3. Pay the suggested transportation fee.
1. If you have any questions or need a complete packet of cross country paperwork, please email Natalie Richmond at  
(It is important that you get your paperwork, including the Order Form, in as soon as possible so that we can guarantee correct sizes for our cross country uniform and merchandise.)
2.  Athletic Clearance forms can be found here.
(Helpful hint for athletic clearance — choose all sports your son/daughter may be interested in, such as Track & Field in the Spring, so that you do not need to fill this form out again.)   
 3.  You can pay the transportation fee here.
(You will need to create an account at the TOHS Student Store if you are new to TOHS.)