2020 Alumni Run

Alumni Run 2020 Details

TOXC Alumni Run 2020 Details

A big THANK YOU to all of you that dusted off your running shoes and joined in our 2020 Alumni Run! 

The recap … the women’s team had two strong front runners in Maddie Weinstock racing through the elements in Virginia!  And our very own Coach & Mother of two, Julie Harding!  Big shout out to Samhal Asfaw, Cassiel McEvoy and Angela Voelker for getting out there and rounding out our team!  The TOXC girls prevailed against the Alumni, 19 – 42.

On the men’s side, led by 4 recent alums running in D1 NCAA programs (Michael Mireles & Vianey Ellison – UCLA, Mitchell Burr – West Point, Ethan Bersley – Cal Berkely) the men triumphed over the current team 20 – 35.  Shout out to Mike Krestyn competing in France, and to Spencer Flynn for still proving he can make Varsity. 

There is one athlete that deserves special recognition.  The 2020 Athlete of the Meet is my old teammate, Teage O’Connor, who at 36 years old & running barefoot in Vermont to a very impressive 15:15 and second place in our Alumni Run!

Full Results can be found HERE.

Still Time to Participate in the Bersley Challenge!

A total of 25 of our current team beat Todd Bersley’s time!  Through pledges and flat donations, we have raised $1,290 in the Bersley challenge!!  If you haven’t participated yet, there is still time to do so!

Please email our TOXC Booster President, Kayce Daniels kaycejdaniels@gmail.com, to make your pledge and be a part of this fantastic fundraising opportunity.  If you would like to make a flat donation now, you can bring a check to practice and give it to Coach Andy. Just make out the check to TOHS CCBC and please note “Bersley Challenge” on the check. Any amount is appreciated and will be matched! 

A BIG THANK YOU to the Bersley family for their continued support of the TOXC program!